Reading a Rainbow for Spring

What a better way to celebrate the change of seasons into the light, fun, renewed growth and warmth of spring than to have a reading challenge. One of the groups I’m in on Goodreads (Aussie Readers) always come up with the best challenges when it comes to reading. Often stirring the participants into a bit of a reading frenzy, the moderators of the group keep raising the bar for us. This month they’ve outdone themselves. I’m taking part in two reading challenges myself, one is to read as many science-fiction/fantasy books in September, that one isn’t too difficult given a lot of my books fall into those categories.

The second challenge is a bit more creative.

Reading a rainbow for spring sounds pretty easy right? Don’t be so sure. The challenge is to find book covers that are predominantly one colour of the rainbow. My books are below:

Red:  The List





Purple:  Black Purple Sky Book cover

Further to this requirement is the below additional books you can choose to read too. At first I decided to only do the rainbow part of the challenge, but since I’ve read all of them except for my orange book and the challenge goes for the whole of spring, I figured I’d add the additional books to my challenge goal.

7. Spring clean your TBR shelf by choosing a book from here..something you’ve wanted to read for awhile, and just haven’t got around to!

8. choose a book written by an Aussie Author, preferably a book that will be published during spring in 2012.

This is by Author Dianne Gray who happens to blog quite frequently on wordpress. It wasn’t published in spring this year, but it sounds interesting so I couldn’t resist.

9. Choose a book with the title or cover relating to Spring e.g new life, new growth, warmth, joy, happiness….

10. Choose a Young Adult novel, try for Australian if you can, and also try for 2012 release.

For those of you who manage all that in super quick time, an extra challenge for you!

11. Pick a friend on your GR list then select and read a book they have read. You never know, you might find something new to enjoy!

12. As we all have SO many on our TBR list, another one from there to finish off our Spring cleaning:)

Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children has been on my TBR list for quite some time. Well over a year.

I have read all my colours except for Orange, so I’m thinking that given I only have a few more to read I may get a chance to make another rainbow.

Bloggers, readers, followers, give this challenge a go. It is a bit harder than you may think to find book covers that fit the colours of the rainbow, but it sure is a nice bright way to read your way into Spring!


2 thoughts on “Reading a Rainbow for Spring

  1. Great challenge. I already have a huge to be reviewed pile for my blog, so I can’t take up additional challenges, but it sounds like you’re going to have fun.

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