Hero or villain which one do you dig more?

The epic battle of good vs evil

Whether it’s Luke Skywalker Vs Darth Vader, Harry Potter Vs Voldemort, David Vs Goliath or Snow White Vs the Evil Queen, the fierce battle of good versus evil rages on. From the beginning of time we’ve recorded time and time again the struggle on various different levels of complexity. Leaping forth from the battered pages of the Bible, right through to the tear-stained pages of the book that’s on my bedside table, the fight of light against dark continues. Step forth, blog readers and cast your vote in this epic war.

Are you partial to a piece of sweet, innocence:

Or would you rather revel in your darkside:

Regardless of your preference, some authors have been able to produce characters on both sides of the battle that truly awe the readers. This is a goal most of us aspire to. Creating a realistic and complete character that resonates with the reader on some level is the goal,  so when you are writing how do you work out if the good should win or the bad should win? How evil is too evil? What happens if you let the bad guys win a few rounds? Do you end up with the reader cranky that their heroes are struggling or do they see it as more realistic because life really isn’t fair?

As an author, how do you get that balance right? I don’t know the answer to that, do you? Are you a successful author, who gets emails and contact from fans telling you you’ve made the perfect good guy or bad guy? If so, how did you do it?

Should we ask the heroes and the villains to kiss and make up?

I don’t think that would work, but perhaps it could. You’ve all probably read a story where one of the bad guys switches sides and teams up with the heroes, right? Did this work? Did you trust the former bad guy? I think it depends on the book, on the characters and their past transgressions.

Who do you secretly (or openly) cheer for when you first start reading? Is it always the good guys? Share some of the best good and bad guys you’ve read about.

Why did they work as characters?

Did you like both the good and bad characters in the same book or only one side?

6 thoughts on “Hero or villain which one do you dig more?

  1. But what’s the definition of good or evil? Is it whether something good or bad happens to us or another because of a good or bad action? But then, who are we to judge whether the outcome or action was ever really good or evil?

    • I think the definition of good or evil is unique to us all. What I may view as an evil character might just be a bad guy who has lost his way in your eyes. The official definition of good is ‘that which is morally right’ but again, whos morals are we basing this off? If you take a step back from the good or evil definition, what makes characters in the books you read one or the other, or a combination of both? Why? This is more the direction I was heading.

      Thanks for stopping by and putting in your interesting thoughts.

  2. I love a baddie as long as he has some redeeming features and isn’t ‘all bad’ – only because I don’t think there’s a person alive who is ‘all bad’ and I get irked when I read novels or watch movies where the bad person is so bad they’re unbelievable ;D

    • I agree! I have come across a couple in books that are really bad, sometimes it worked, other times not. I have a post in the works on my favourite baddies too 😀

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