Karen Wyle, author of Twin-Bred and Wander Home

I’ve had the pleasure of lining up another author interview for you all. This time it’s with Karen Wyle. You’ll be able to see that one tomorrow, but for today I thought I’d introduce you to Karen and give you some information about her books.

Say hi to Karen!

Karen is the author of Twin-Bred, a science fiction story about humans and a race of beings called the Tofa. These guys are remarkable! I found Karen’s description of the Tofa to be quite an experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the complex plot that Karen weaves throughout the book and as you can see from my 4 star review below, I think it tackles some strong and important issues for younger kids as well as adults.

Twin-bred certainly wins points for complexity and intricate plot development. It wasn’t the easiest book to read and Karen recognizes that as she has included a handy appendix at the back of the book outlining the list if characters and puts them in groupings that make sense.

I am not a twin, but there are twins in my family and I found the description of the bond between twins (even cross-species) to be both fiercely strong and delicate at the same time. It was truly a beautiful read.

I would class this book as a good one for teens to read, it could be used to show them some aspects of conflict resolution, and dealing with being different. The Twin-bred were exceptional children/young adults. Both highly educated and also with mature-beyond-their-years heads on their shoulders.

Well worth reading! Thanks Karen!

Twin-Bred cover

You can purchase Twin-Bred on Amazon in electronic or paperback formats or on Smashwords for $2.99. What a bargain!

Since the release of Twin-Bred in 2011, Karen has been working hard to get her new novel ready for her eager fans. She’s been working on ‘Wander Home’ a new non-science fiction, general fiction story. She advises me, Wander Home has been dubbed ‘posthumous fantasy’ by one of the editors, which sounds rather intriguing. When I read the tantalisingly short teaser that Karen provided me (I will put it below too) I was instantly interested and I just can’t wait for her to release it!

As luck would have it, I also happen to have been told that this new book should be available in October if all things go well. This is awesome news! I will soon have another book from Karen to devour!

Death is what you make it.

 Eleanor never wanted to leave the daughter she loved so much. The overpowering urge to wander — to search, without knowing what she sought — drove her away. She left little Cassidy in her family’s loving care. But Cassidy and the others died in an accident before Eleanor could find her way home.

 Cassidy has her grandparents, and her Great-Grandma; and they have her. And all of them have what may be eternity. Memories can be relived, or shared. The wonders of the world they left behind are only a thought away. And the one-way tyranny of aging is no more — a white-haired and stooped great-grandmother one moment can be a laughing young playmate the next.  But nothing can ease Cassidy’s longing for her mother; and Eleanor’s parents know better than to hope that Eleanor’s life has been a happy one.

 Now, they are all reunited, with the chance to understand and heal. But the restlessness that shaped Eleanor’s life still haunts her in death. Somehow, she must solve the mystery of her life — or none of them will be at peace.

Contact Karen:


Facebook: www.KarenAWyle.net


www.facebook.com/TwinBred (no hyphen)

3 thoughts on “Karen Wyle, author of Twin-Bred and Wander Home

  1. This story sounds very intriguing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I enjoyed Twin-Bred, and do look forward to Wander Home. I believe Karen is looking for people to review her new book on Goodreads before it is released if you are interested 🙂

      • I would love to if I had the time 🙂 I’ve been on a month long holiday from work and going back tomorrow – oh dear – not looking forward to that 😦

        But I will keep an eye out just in case things don’t get as crazy as I’m thinking they will…

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