Follow up: Tonight is the night

Well, I won! Isn’t that awesome!? You can see my previous blog post with the story here.

My first foray into the world of suspense/mystery/thriller was a success. In fact, I’ve had a few people ask me if I’ll continue on with the story, instead of leaving it where it finished. The jury is still out on this one.

What did I win you ask? It’s no national writing comp, by any stretch of the imagination, but I get to co-moderate the group the competition was held in on Goodreads, I get to come up with October’s writing competition prompt or theme and I am being showcased as writer of the month in the group. All in all, a pretty nice prize.

You can see the group (The pen is mightier than the sword) here, if you’re interested. It’s a fairly active group of people from all walks of life. Not the biggest on GR, but not the smallest either. I find the mix of people to be quite good, they seem to be quite inspirational in their own ways. I’ve had more than one story idea pop into my head while bantering backwards and forwards with that group, or reading their comments.

So, onto the main reason of this blog post…

What to make the October writing contest prompt/theme?

At first I thought about making it something a little easy, making it a broad sweeping theme, for example: a story with a vampire in it. On further thought, I wanted to make it a bit more challenging, not too hard mind you, but a bit more challenging and creative. I shall go off on a slight tangent here while I explain how I came up with my idea.

I got to thinking about a dear friend of mine (henceforth known as B) who has moved to Melbourne. I would say he was my best friend some years ago, before I got married and he moved away. Anyway, after college, he and I worked together and we had a very close friendship. I spent a lot of weeks crashing at his place (he lived with his Dad), going to and from work together, it was more like a relationship than a friendship. The difference being that he is gay. So the nights I spent with B in his bed, yet discussing my current boyfriend were rather puzzling for his dad as he didn’t know B was gay. We shared a number of experiences together in our late teens. I was with him when he came out to his dad, he helped me through a particularly bad relationship and the subsequent break-up and we frequently partied at the gay and lesbian club/s in town. I was the girl who hung around with the group of gay guys! Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

Suddenly, he was fired from work. It started there. We stopped hanging out so much, I had to get up early for work. He did not. He made new friends when he got a new job, I got a new boyfriend, so did he and from then on, the friendship waned into nothingness.

Many years later, I’m married; he’s moved and is working in Melbourne. We’ve kept tenuous contact through Facebook and such, but sadly, the friendship appears to have been neglected for too long.

Thinking about this led me to experience a rather smothering feeling of regret. Regret that I didn’t work at keeping this friendship alive. Regret that we grew apart after we’d shared so many great moments. It led me to think about the actual feeling of regret, the emotions within it, how I would describe it, what it would look like.

And with that final thought, my October contest prompt was born!

Write something new. It can be a poem, short story or something in between. This new work must be about an emotion or feeling. Describe it, what does it look like, sound like, feel like? If you’re feeling creative, make your new piece of writing look like your emotion.

Example: If you decide on anger, make your writing red and bold. Or sorrow, deep blue and italics. OR find a photo that shows your emotion and put it at the head of your piece, draw from it, use it as inspiration.

What would you create with this prompt?


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