Michael J. Sullivan ~ Shout out

I wanted to take some time out of my reading and regular blogging schedule to give a shout out to someone who I believe is truly awesome!

Michael J. Sullivan

Michael is the author of a number of books and happily that number seems to be growing higher with each passing day. Some of you may know of his series ‘The Riyria Revelations’ which started out as a series of 6 books (The Crown Conspiracy, Avempartha, Nyphron Rising, The Emerald Storm, Wintertide and Percepliquis.) I bought the first 5 books while they were available as single books in late 2010, but didn’t read them until early 2011. Late in 2010, Michael was approached by Orbit to re-publish his already self-published series, which was before the release of book 6. Thankfully Michael arranged with Orbit to allow for the 6th instalment of the series to be released singly, as well as the re-packaged trilogy, which meant that those fans that he’d already converted could have book 6 without having to buy book 5 again. The last book was released in January 2012 and that release date could not come quick enough!

I had come to love the main characters in Michael’s Riyria Revelations series, and I was more than a little wary of Percepliquis. I had been bitten before by the last book in a series and I had high hopes that Michael wouldn’t burn me with the ending of this one. Thankfully, I was right, and the ending bought the series to a close and left me with a feeling of happiness not sadness at having to say goodbye to my favourite characters. You can see my Goodreads review of Percepliquis here. That review should also link to his other books, where you can see my reviews of them too if you’re interested.

Michael is someone that I hold up (along with a select few other self-published authors) as the poster child of how to market your books when you self publish. Of course it helps that he’s written a truly amazing series, but that only gets you so far. There’s no point having the best books in the world if people don’t know about them. Michael is one of the most active authors I interact with on Goodreads, he’s blogging regularly (and it’s not always about the books!), he has a Facebook page, in fact he has a few, one author page, one for his series and a personal one.  He is also on twitter and probably the most important thing, he actually communicates with his fans, he likes their reviews, he holds competitions on Goodreads and on his website, he has a group set up just for The Riyria Revelations fans. I only know of a few other authors that are this active on social media, and it pays off!

One of the aspects of being a quickly growing household name is the fan art that comes with the territory. Michael has embraced this and even highlighted some of the works on his blog. I think this is completely awesome! Not only does he appreciate that people have fallen in love with his characters, but then he highlights their art and praises it! Wouldn’t that just be amazing to have your interpretations praised by the original author? On the topic of art, the fantastic new cover art for the French editions of the books look stunning! You can see them here with a link to the artists Deviant Art page too.

I loved Michael’s The Riyria Revelations so much, I actually gifted the trilogy on kindle to my Dad for father’s day this year. He’s about 20% through the first book! I hope he loves them as much as I did! If you enjoy fantasy and adventure books, give The Riyria Revelations series a try! You won’t regret it!

Michael has also recently released a new book that is not in the fantasy genre. Greener Grass is a science fiction time travel short story. I didn’t quite mesh with it so much, but that wasn’t because it wasn’t a good book. My review can be seen here. Basically I didn’t love it, but I recognised that we can’t all love everything that someone writes. Greener Grass will be fantastic for others, but I think my favourites will be Michael’s fantasy books, which happily will be continuing with The Riyria Chronicles – same characters, same world. YAY!

Finally, I’d just like to say to Michael (who I hope reads this), thank you for writing such a fantastic series and for the fact that you continue to write and produce such fantastic stories for fans like myself to buy and devour! It is a truly wonderful thing to get lost in the worlds your imagination has created.

Michael’s contact details:

Blog: http://riyria.blogspot.com.au/

Email: michael.sullivan.dc@gmail.com

Twitter: @author_sullivan

Facebook (author): www.facebook.com/author.michael.sullivan

Facebook (riyria): www.facebook.com/riyria


5 thoughts on “Michael J. Sullivan ~ Shout out

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  2. Hey, well I most certainly did see this. Thanks for the shout out. I’m so glad you have enjoyed my work and are looking forward to seeing more. Lots of writing going on . I can’t wait until I have something new out there – at this point I feel like a damn straining to burst.

    • I’m so glad you stopped by Michael 🙂 I hope the muse sticks close by so you can keep typing away on the new Chronicles and the other books in other genres you’re persuing.

  3. Great work! I followed all your links to take a look at Michael’s info and books.

    Well done:)

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