Review of Shadows over Innocence by Lindsay Buroker

I do not know how Lindsay does it! How she manages to write this short, but ‘Oh so sweet’ glimpse inside of Sicarius’ mind while giving her Emperor’s Edge (EE) fans information, but keeping some of the bigger secrets hidden from those who may only be new to the EE world is beyond me!

I felt like I was reading a coded message straight from the head of EEIA (Emperor’s Edge Intelligence Agency), I could read into the message all the things I have gleaned from my previous EE reading, yet someone completely new would go away with a full story too, just less intricate, less involved, but no less satisfying.

Is it weird that being inside of Sicarius’ head was exactly like I thought it would be?

Lindsay, I take my hat off to you! Brilliantly written as always!

You can find copies of Shadows over Innocence on Smashwords for free or on Amazon for 99c. While you’re there, why not try picking up The Emperor’s Edge (Book 1 in the series) for free too. You won’t regret it!


5 thoughts on “Review of Shadows over Innocence by Lindsay Buroker

  1. Well done! I’m going to take a look at these 🙂

    Also, thank you so much for the message on GR! I’m still trying to find my way around – you are wonderful 🙂

    I’ve had two bloggers review my work on WP (yesterday) 😀

    • I love LOVE Lindsay’s work. She’s one of the best author’s I’ve read, AND she’s self published the whole lot of her books!

      No worries Dianne 🙂 I heard back from one of the moderators from the Crime/Mystery group, she’s added your book to her to be read list 🙂

      That’s great news about the bloggers! Well done 😀

      • I also took another look at GR after I messaged you and saw I have a review for Wolf Pear 😀

        • Even better! 😀 I saw that review yesterday which is brilliant, it’s a good review.

          You could also check out the group Shut up and read, they have the read it and reap program I mentioned on your blog. Well worth it to get some honest reviews on books that may not have got many reads so far.

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