Grammar Nazis, protecting the fate of humankind one error at a time

One of the things that I see pop up in almost every facet of my life is the misuse of some of the frequently used, yet commonly misused intricacies of the written English language. You’ve probably seen them around and even some of you may have unknowingly contributed to them.

One of my own pet peeves would have to be the incorrect use of their/there/they’re, sadly I see it appearing all too frequently in the self-published books I read. I want to add, it’s not only restricted to self-published books, nor is it every self-published book that I see this occur, but it seems, at least to me, that there has become a lack of interest, or perhaps a lack of requirement to know and understand the English language, even amongst the growing crowd of authors out there.

Photo credit: Andy via Facebook

Some others that may also raise the hackles for you Grammar Nazis out there:


In my daily internet trawling, be it on FaceBook, Goodreads or WordPress, I’ve witnessed this heated debate escalate to near epic proportions amongst the Grammar Nazis and other subject-matter experts of the world-wide web. I’ve seen various people stating their distaste for, dislike of, anger at, or fear for the human race because a vast number of us can’t seem to use the English language correctly.

Why is this?

Is it that English and grammar are not being taught in schools anymore? Is there less of a focus on these seemingly archaic subjects, given the new modern world we see ourselves in today? Will we all start communicating in online slang and face the ever looming destruction of the human race?

Have any of you seen the movie Idiocracy? I watched it and found it scarily prophetic. The premise of the movie is tongue-in-cheek, yet when looking outside, one could be forgiven for thinking it could be closer to the truth than originally thought.

Is this happening today? Will we find ourselves in a similar dystopian-like world in the coming years?

All the doom and gloom aside here, I think it comes down to a number of reasons. A combination of less stringent schooling of English and grammar, but also less of an importance placed upon it by society.

So what say you, my blog readers? Can the Grammar Nazis help educate us with our slowly diminishing grasp on the English language one ill-written post at a time or are they fighting a losing battle?


6 thoughts on “Grammar Nazis, protecting the fate of humankind one error at a time

  1. Thank you for the outstanding posts!

  2. I was once sent another grapic from someecards which was my all time favourite use of they’re/their/there. Unfortunately I can’t find it but if you google ‘ grammar’ there’s some great inspiration.

  3. I absolutely loved Idiocracy. You can see it happening in our lifetime and that is a very scary thing indeed!

    There’s too much twitter (I don’t really understand a word of it) and too many writing short-cuts going on now. Unfortunately, I don’t think the bad grammar can be stopped 😦

    • Being fairly new to Twitter, I can’t really comment on the poor use of English, but you are right, the acronyms and shortened words are starting to look like a foreign language.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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