Hello world!

A photo shared on Facebook that really made me laugh.

Hello World! How appropriate a title for my first blog entry. Testing the blogging worlds waters with one lily-white toe, I’m holding my breath waiting for the freezing cold water to shock me!

What can you, as my readers expect from me in this blog I hear you ask?  I shall attempt to regale you with my musings on writing in general, being an author, reading, share with you some of my reviews of books I have read and other equally exciting things. I may even tempt your tastebuds with some of my current writing work.

So, watch this space, stay on the edge of your seats and collectively hold your breath in excitement. Coffee2Words has entered the blogosphere!


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Same here. Right now I’m wishing I could click a button and output your 60 posts as an ebook file!

  2. I’m going to try and get up to date with your blog – starting wayyyy back in the beginning instead of jumping from one blog post to another back and forth in time 😉

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