Ellie’s Gentleman

Ellie's Gentleman

3 stars

Read on April 17, 2014

Synopsis: Ellie Sommers is twenty years old, beautiful, lively and intelligent. She has finally returned to her family home after another long London season. She wants nothing more than to stay in her beloved country town and ride her horses. Enter Robert Blakely, a widower and a true gentleman. He has come to spend Christmas with his long-time friend William, Ellie’s father. Robert has no wish to marry again and is shocked to discover his own interest in the beautiful daughter of his friend. The only problem is that he is twice her age and a widower who has convinced himself he will never marry again.

Bookish things: 60 pages. The cover is stunning. The general feel of this one is very sweet.

Where to buy: From Steam eReads in various formats for $2.99 or Amazon on kindle for $3.71

My review:

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Ellie’s Gentleman is a very short historical romance. Within its pages you will find a rather generic recipe for a historical romance story.

There is a handsome, respectable man, while Ellie is a young, stunningly beautiful woman, all virtue and virginal.

Where Ellie’s Gentleman deviates from the recipe is that Ellie is not a dim-witted nitwit who giggles inanely at whatever men say. Nor is she a spineless piece of fluff. She knows what she wants and does not give up on that.

The storyline was extremely quick, I would say bordering on insta-love, but in a short story it’s going to be quick.

I liked the relationship Ellie had with her dad. It was a nice touch.

Ultimately, I liked this book, but wasn’t blown away. It’s a little to safe and sweet for my tastes, but would certainly be suitable for those who prefer the sweet instead of the sizzling romance books.

A few things I noticed:

23% – full stop missing at end of chapter.

30% – wasn’t it close to raining before?!? At 11%

59% – where were these feeling(s) coming…

**Note: I received an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**

The Phantom in the Deep

The Phantom in the Deep

3 stars

Read from April 01 to 16, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Synopsis: Ten years after mankind has been wiped out from the universe by a techno-organic race known as the Cerebrals, a lone pilot, call sign “Rook,” stands alone in an asteroid field in a distant part of a spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. As they close in around his home, ready to extinguish humanity once and for all, Rook stumbles upon a possible weakness in the Cerebs. One that humanity never discovered in time. Using strategies garnered from the Academy, as well as from his days as a Chess champion, he plans to make a last stand worthy enough to demonstrate the imaginative power of Man. Continue reading

Shameless Ambition by Robert Fanshaw

Shameless Ambition


Read from April 05 to 06, 2014

To tie in with Robert’s most recent release of the third book in the Shameless series, Shameless Corruption, I introduce you to the first in the trilogy…

Synopsis: High-flying executive Caroline and barrister Robert have been married for three years, and the demands of work have left little time for their relationship. Caroline is angling for a promotion, which will mean spending more time away in Germany. On a management development course in Spain, Caroline is tempted into indiscretions with some of her colleagues, a fact that is noticed by course leader and former chief executive Melody Bigger.

Melody sees in Caroline aspects of her younger self and a barely suppressed exhibitionism. She draws Caroline into a plot to put pressure on Von Wolfswinkle, the German delegate to the European Central Bank. His opposition to Eurobonds is causing hardship across southern Europe, and Caroline is inveigled into a peculiar relationship with Von Wolfswinkle based on his voyeurism and her exhibitionism. Melody wants Caroline to influence the banker’s recommendations to the forthcoming European economic summit.

As Caroline is drawn into a seedy world of private parties for bankers and politicians, she soon realises she has damaged her reputation and her marriage. How will she ever be able to face her colleagues and her husband again? Continue reading

My review of Faelorehn by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

136120183 stars

Read from December 22 to 27, 2013

Synopsis: I never heard him come after me and even as I climbed the slope and stumbled onto our shaded back lawn, I didn’t look back. It was like the day the gnomes chased me all over again, but this time I was not escaping some horrible little creatures, I was fleeing from an incredibly good-looking guy who could very well understand me completely. I was either saving myself from that serial killer I always imagined lived down in the swamp, or I had finally gone over the deep end . . .

Meghan Elam has been strange her entire life: her eyes have this odd habit of changing color and she sees and hears things no one else does. When the visions and voices in her head start to get worse, she is convinced that her parents will want to drag her off to another psychiatrist. That is, until the mysterious Cade MacRoich shows up out of nowhere with an explanation of his own.

Cade brings her news of another realm where goblins and gnomes are the norm, a place where whispering spirits exist in the very earth, and a world where Meghan just might find the answers she has always sought. Continue reading

Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan



Read from April 06 to 12, 2014 — I own a copy

Synopsis: The future is coming…for some, sooner than others.

Ellis Rogers is an ordinary man who is about to embark on an extraordinary journey. All his life he has played it safe and done the right thing, but when faced with a terminal illness, he’s willing to take an insane gamble. He’s built a time machine in his garage, and if it works, he’ll face a world that challenges his understanding of what it means to be human, what it takes to love, and the cost of paradise. He could find more than a cure for his illness; he might find what everyone has been searching for since time began…but only if he can survive Hollow World.

Welcome to the future and a new sci-fantasy thriller from the bestselling author of The Riyria Revelations. Continue reading

The Stranger by Chris Martin


3 stars

Read from April 02 to 04, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Synopsis: Something horrible happened eight years ago in the small coastal town of Seal Bay. Six high school girls were killed and dumped into the bay by a man named Lance Puckett. It was a crime which ripped apart a community and left emotional scars that time would never heal. A calm morning in Seal Bay is shattered by the appearance of a stranger who bears a striking resemblance to Lance. Has he come back to dig up memories from the past, or could this man be a drifter, just passing through? This suspenseful thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat with a twist that will leave you breathless. Who is The Stranger? Continue reading